To smoke or not to smoke!

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Post To smoke or not to smoke!

To smoke or not to smoke!
There are quite a number of smokers among the regular patrons of fine-dine restaurants and nightspots. But there always lies a dilemma for this cosmopolitan person of means, refined taste and good manners: Can he really enjoy these two pleasures in tandem without offending other diners who share the love of gourmet food but are averse to smoking? How should a smoker handle this issue? And how should a non-smoker?

Is it acceptable to smoke at the dining table? No, not at all.

It is not polite to smoke during a meal. Smoking in the presence of guests should be avoided specially at the dining table. Refraining from smoking during the meal is not only a courtesy to others: it shows respect for fine cuisine too. This should particularly be observed when women are around.

Wait till the diners at your table and the neighbouring ones have finished their meal. Firstly, the strong aroma of cigarette interferes with the flavours of the food being served. Secondly it can also make other diners feel ill. Always seek permission from your neighbors before lighting a cigarette. If someone indicates that they would rather you did not smoke, accept it graciously. It is only civilized to refrain from smoking if anyone indicates that he is allergic to smoke or if you notice that someone appears to be annoyed by the smoke. Wait until they have left the table or excuse yourself and smoke outside the dining area or in the lounge.

After the meal when dessert is served you can light up a cigarette after taking permission or excusing yourself from others. If your host is smoking, you can certainly smoke and even then, politely ask if they mind if you smoke too. Never light a cigarette before the host offers one or encourages you to smoke your own. A considerate host will always wait until the end of the meal and then suggest that cigarette smokers retire to another room or patio while smoking and then rejoin the others. It is not good etiquette to throw something like a box of matches across the table at the instance of others sitting opposite to you.

Never stub out a cigarette for this releases unpleasant odours. Simply rest it in the ashtray and let it go out on its own. Some foreign establishments restrict smoking till after 10:30 pm, when most diners would have finished their meal and reached the coffee and liqueur course.

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