The secret to making crispy dosa

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Old 07-Oct-2013
✰ Sparkles ✰
The secret to making crispy dosa

When the ingredients are according to the right proportion and if the dosa batter is fermented correct, one can get the crispiness of the dosa as desired.

When your dosa batter is fermented for the right number of hours, you can get it as thin as you want. Making a thin dosa is not rocket science at all. All you need to make sure is that the batter has the apt constituency to be spread equally in all directions on the tawa.

Urad dal: cup
Parboiled rice or ordinary polished rice: cup
Salt to taste

- Soak urad dal and rice for couple of hours and make a fine paste of the mixture adding water.
- Prepare the batter by adding a pinch of salt to taste and mix all the ingredients well. Do not make the batter too thin.
- Allow the mixture to ferment for about 6 to 7 hours. Once the batter rises and there is obvious fermentation which becomes imminent from the smell of the batter prepare the dosas according to your desire.

How to get the dosa right?
- Heat a non stick flat tawa for 10 minutes on a low flame. Pour one tsp of oil on the tawa. Spread the oil evenly with a sliced onion. Onion is used as a non stick medium. But even on a non stick tawa, it will only enhance the non-stickiness to the tawa.
- Sprinkle little water so that excess heat is absorbed.
- Now, use a flat bottomed katora and spread the batter on the tawa. Begin from the centre and go on spreading till you think it is even and has spread itself properly.
- Add oil through the dosa circumference so that it seeps in from all the directions. Be patient especially if you want to make it on a low flame. And if you want to get it quick, increase the flame but not too high and be watchful of how much has been cooked.
- As soon as you can spot golden colour through the sides and the middle of the dosa, take a flat ladle (or a wooden thin spatula) and instead of flipping it just roll it over from one end to the other. It needs practice, but once you master the art, you will only enjoy it.

So, go ahead and grab your favourite dosa.

Old 08-Oct-2013
Jaggi G
Re: The secret to making crispy dosa


koi menu bana k dedo

Old 10-Oct-2013
Simran jandu
Re: The secret to making crispy dosa

menu v

Old 10-Oct-2013
✰ Sparkles ✰
Re: The secret to making crispy dosa

aa jao jisne khana hai

Old 10-Oct-2013
Re: The secret to making crispy dosa

Originally Posted by ✰ Sparkles ✰ View Post
aa jao jisne khana hai
maine khana hai

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