Simple recipes for new cooks!

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Old 24-Jul-2010
Simple recipes for new cooks!

Simple recipes for new cooks!

1. Potato Roesti with grilled vegetables (Serves 01)

1 large parboiled (briefly cooked) potato,

½ tsp chopped parsley,

salt and crushed black pepper to taste,

1 tbsp refined oil,

½ capsicum,

½ red bell pepper,

1 tsp extra virgin oil

For garnish: Spring of chives


1. Peel parboiled potato, grate and season it.

2. Cut capsicum and red bell pepper. Marinate with oil, salt, herbs (thyme, oregano)

3. Heat oil in the pan. Add potatoes and cook on both sides

4. Grill peppers and place on top of roesti potatoes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

2. Wheat Flour Pancakes with bean sprouts and honey yogurt topping (Serves 06)

Ingredients for batter:
250 gm whole wheat flour,

150 ml milk,

1 tsp sugar,

salt to taste,

1 tbsp melted butter (unsalted)

Ingredients for stuffing: 12 tbsp bean sprouts,

salt to taste,

3 tsp refined oil

Ingredients for topping and garnish: 6 tbsp hung curd,

6tsp honey,

a sprig of dill (a herb)


1. Add salt to the whole wheat flour and sift it.

2. Gradually add milk to sifted flour and add melted butter. Strain the butter (pour through a sieve, a perforated utensil or fine-meshed cheesecloth)

3. Pour half a ladle of batter into a slightly heated greased non-stick pan and spread the mixture evenly by rotating the pan. Cook the pancakes on both sides and make more pancakes till the mixture is used up

4. Sauté (fry briefly over high heat) bean sprouts in oil and season them. Keep aside.

5. Put two tbsp of sautéed bean sprouts on each pancake and fold

6. Put a spoonful of hung yogurt on top of each stuffed pancake, drizzle a tsp of honey, and garnish with a sprig of dill. Served one pancake per portion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

3. Baked potato jackets (Serves 01)

Ingredients: 1 large potato,

2 tbsp cream cheese,

2 tbsp broccoli (florets),

1 spring onion, ¼ onion,

salt and pepper to taste,

½ tbsp refined oil

For garnish: Balsamic reduction ,

cherry tomatoes


1. Microwave the potatoes for 10 minutes or boil them with skin till done

2. Scoop out the potatoes from the centre

3. Sauté spring onions and onion. Add broccoli, mashed potatoes and cream cheese.

4. Put it into the scooped potato skins and serve hot

Old 24-Jul-2010
Saini Sa'aB
Re: Simple recipes for new cooks!

atti swadisht...........

Old 24-Jul-2010
Re: Simple recipes for new cooks!


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Re: Simple recipes for new cooks!

^^ Lol

'n thnx namano

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