How to get the best ever service in a restaurant

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Post How to get the best ever service in a restaurant

How to get the best ever service in a restaurant

Has it ever irked you to see some of those restaurant patrons who do not have to wait like you have to for your table? There are some secrets that they know? Not really! There are some useful restaurant etiquette tips that can ensure you good service with a smile, good food served promptly and warm at your table, every time you visit your favourite restaurant.

Begins with the booking style

Good restaurants have a long waiting line. If one can understand the even the most obliging maitre d' is under pressure, then things become easy. While booking your table, it is better to do it well in advance. Introduce yourself in a friendly manner (remember he/she may be tired!) , say something good about the restaurant and food and then ask for a table at the certain time. Go one step further and inform them about the nature of your meal, quiet or family celebration etc, and ask them for suggestions about the location of the table. They will think of the best one for you accordingly.

When you arrive

Of course goes without saying arrive with some minutes to spare for the time you have booked your table for! Gives you time to have two nice words with the maitre d'. If you are properly dressed and looking poised they will treat you well. Rule of thumb: better to be overdressed than underdressed! Do remind the maitre d' about your earlier conversation on the phone. Say something uplifting to him/her. Gently enquire about the availabililty of the table you had discussed and then when you are led to the table, say thanks graciously.

Beckoning the waiters and waitresses

After the maitre d’ you will have to deal with the waiters and waitresses. Be respectful of their profession, smile at them and have an eye contact. They will understand that you are a warm and approachable person.

One of them will definitely come to you the moment you start pulling out the chair to get seated. Once you are settled, ask for the first name if the name tag is not there. He/she is the one who will guide you through the meal, in deciding the best of the restaurant in food and wine. It is a good thing to say thanks after every little service, from opening of the napkin, to straightening of the cutlery, to pouring of the water….acknowledge every little deed. If you are calm and pleasant they will want to serve you the meal with pleasure and make the evening more comfortable for you. One easy way to beckon the waiter is to raise your hand and wait for eye contact. No calling out waiter, or his name or snapping of fingers.

When you finish the meal and leave

A generous tip is a must. But also personally thank the person who served you with grace. If you have asked for his/her first name, do use it. Also convey to him/her to pass on your good word to the chef who cooked the meal for you. Everyone in the restaurant who was involved with your meal deserved a compliment.

Last person you see will the maitre d'. Inform him/her about the pleasant time, thank them and tell them that you will be back for their wonderful food and service.

Small steps, always good service

These little steps make a long time investment in ensuring that you get good personalized service at that restaurant every time you go for a meal.

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