Eat something simple like Bread and Butter with style

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Post Eat something simple like Bread and Butter with style

Eat something simple like Bread and Butter with style

Here are some etiquette tips & table manners for eating bread and butter in a fine dine restaurant or a five star restaurant.

>Bread is always broken with hand or cut into bite sized pieces. Well, this depends on the texture, whether it is soft or firm, is it hot or cold, and also the shape matters long and narrow or small and cubed. Bread with a soft texture, such as rolls or muffins, is broken into half using the fingers. A bite-sized piece is taken from the broken bread, held against the side of the bread-and-butter plate, and buttered delicately, one bite at a time. Bread with a firm texture, such as a sweet soft pastry or dry toast, is cut in half or quartered. Hot sweet rolls and toast are buttered entirely and held by the sides. It is not considered okay if you hold the toast flat on your palm and then butter it. At home it is just fine! Bread sticks are usually associated as accompaniments to soup and even though they are made from a sweetish dough, it is okay if you apply butter before eating. To apply butter, either apply on entire length or butter one end, that is one bite at a time. It is considered proper to break the bread stick into two before consuming. Soaking it in the soup is not proper. If the soup has croutons then, having a bread stick along with it is a matter of personal choice.

>Butter can be put before you in many different ways. It could be a stick of butter on a butter dish served along with a butter knife or it could be some sliced pieces of a butter stick served on a small plate with a fork, or it could be a bowl that everyone shares by taking off small bits with the butter knife or a small portion into your plate. If the butter is served in a wrapper or tub, etiquette requires that you leave the wrappers or tubs behind in your bread plate for clearance.

Old 21-Sep-2011
Re: Eat something simple like Bread and Butter with style

nice info..

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