Make a Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace

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Old 10-May-2012
Mandeep Kaur Guraya
Make a Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace

This is not my project...I'm just sharing it


Project estimate:
■Plastic cup (#6 plastic), on hand
■Permanent marker, on hand
■Oven, on hand
■Baking sheet or cake pan, on hand
■Parchment paper, on hand or $1 and up
■Flat-bottom drinking glass, on hand

Total: Free and up



Make sure the plastic cup you are using is made of #6 plastic. (This is the same type of plastic that Shrinky Dinks are made from.) Most plastic cups have ridged rings around them, which you can use a s a guide for cutting and decorating in straight lines.


Cut the bottom off of the cup.


Use an Xacto or utility knife to cut out the center of the bottom of the cup.


With a permanent marker, draw a design on the cup.


Place the cup upside down on a baking sheet or cake pan lined with parchment paper. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees F.


Once you put the cup in the oven, keep a very close eye on it. It should start to melt within 30 to 60 seconds; the time will vary with different cups. The cup with shrivel and flatten out. Leave it in the oven until it is laying almost completely flat and has stopped moving. Immediately upon removing it from the oven, press it completely flat with the bottom of a drinking glass. Press and hold with the glass for about 15 seconds. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes to cool completely.


When it has cooled, loop a chain through the center of the charm. No one will believe you when you tell them what you used to make it!

Old 10-May-2012
re: Make a Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace


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Re: Make a Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace

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Re: Make a Recycled Plastic Cup Washer Necklace

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