Bottle Cap Necklace

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Old 10-May-2012
Mandeep Kaur Guraya
Bottle Cap Necklace

It is not my project...I am just sharing it


One of my favorite things to do with bottle caps is to turn them into stylish necklace charms. Next time you crack open your favorite soda or beer, set the cap aside and follow these instructions to turn it into a great new piece of jewelry!

You will need:

* Bottle cap(s)
* Polymer clay
* 16 gauge wire
* Round-nose jewelry pliers (if you donít have jewelry pliers, you can also use anything that is a small cylindrical shape, such as an ink pen or a knitting needle)
* Regular pliers
* Wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
* Oven
* An old cookie sheet
* Parchment paper
* Chain

1. Wash your bottle cap in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. (No one wants a sticky, stinky necklace!)


2. Cut a 4-inch length of wire. Starting at the center of the piece, wrap it around jewelry pliers or other round object to make a loop.


3. Twist the ends of the wire into a tail off of the loop. Trim the ends of the tail. This is your hasp; it will fit inside of the cap and the chain will go through the loop.


4. Use pliers to bend the hasp into roughly the shape shown.


5. Your hasp should now fit nicely inside your bottle cap!


6. Knead polymer clay until it is soft and pliable. Make sure the hasp is centered so that the loop is toward what will be the top of your charm. Fill the back of the bottle cap with clay until it is level across the back. Take care not to leave stray bits of clay stuck on the outside of the capís scalloped edge!

7. Cover cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place your cap(s) face down on the cookie sheet and bake according to directions on the clay package. When done baking, let cool completely before moving on.


8. Using pliers, bend the hasp into place, pulling it toward the face of the bottle cap so that the loop rests on top of the charm.


9. Insert chain through the hasp, put around neck, and show off your creation!

* Dog tag style chains are an always-stylish, budget-friendly option for stringing your creations.
* Instead of a necklace, you can also string your charm onto a keychain! Or make two that match and attach to earring hooks!
* Instead of making the hasp protrude from the top, you can fashion it so that the loop comes straight out of the center of the back of the bottle cap. Now itís a button!
* Be careful when trimming the ends of the wire tail on your hasp, as the little bits are prone to flying! Safety glasses are never a bad idea!
* Donít handle your freshly-baked caps until they are cooled off ó the metal gets very hot in the oven!

Old 10-May-2012
re: Bottle Cap Necklace

shote hunde ehda bhambiri banonde hunde c lol

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Re: Bottle Cap Necklace

Old 11-May-2012
Re: Bottle Cap Necklace

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Re: Bottle Cap Necklace

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