Balanced-Over-Batteries (B.O.B) Car

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Old 22-Aug-2009
Balanced-Over-Batteries (B.O.B) Car

The Balanced-Over-Batteries, or B.O.B car is an ingenious contraption developed by Robert Lange, a retired auto mechanic from California.

The B.O.B car was designed following the example of skateboard trucks which use the tilting movement of the board to adjust the angle of the wheels, therefore providing the ability to steer. The vehicle gets its name from the fact the batteries are slung underneath the single passenger cockpit. During cornering the batteries act as a counterbalance to the leaning of the vehicle's passenger compartment - up to 45 degrees in tight turns! This clever balancing act means that no power steering is needed and the steering wheel can be turned easily from side-to-side with the palm of the hand.

Where possible recycled parts were used in the construction of the B.O.B car. The front and rear differentials were lifted from 1975-76 Pintos, the brakes are courtesy of a Yamaha motorcycle, and the steering mechanism is adapted from a helicopter tail-rotor gearbox. Each pinto rear-end has 2 computer sync motors with chain drive. The vehicle has two speeds which can be switched between by changing the voltage from 36 - 72 volts.

Development of the Balanced-Over-Batteries bar took around three years, despite the complicated and unique nature of the vehicle. Thanks to the use of recycled or reclaimed parts the total cost came in at around $500. Amazing.

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