12 Most incredible Audi concepts

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Old 02-May-2010
12 Most incredible Audi concepts

12 Most incredible Audi concepts we’ve ever seen

Audi is a brand that fans go crazy about – be it real cars, concepts or futuristic vehicles. Here we are introducing you with the most amazing Audi concepts that will not only stun you, but will also send you into an imaginary world where you’ll vision these vehicles actually plying on roads. Well, it may take time for these concepts to come real, until then you can enjoy these futuristic concepts that will ferry you around in the future in both, luxury and style.

Audi Contact concept

Info: The Audi Contact concept is more like a lounge on wheels. Unlike the ATNMBL, the Contact requires a driver, who sits at the high-tech looking cockpit to guide the vehicle while the passengers relax in luxury.
• Exo-Audi concept

Info: The Exo-Audi concept may not look like some uber-futuristic vehicle; but it is every bit futuristic, mostly because the source of its power sounds too fantastic. The concept is a human powered vehicle, making use of its exoskeleton and the advances nanotechnology may see in the future; this human powered vehicle could be fairly powerful and fast.Register
Audi Calamaro Concept

Info: The Audi Calamaro Concept was developed by Tibor for a design competition, organized by Porsche Hungary. The futuristic concept looks like a cross between a boat, a ski and perhaps even a stealth aircraft. Register
Audi Avatar concept

Info: The HSV Encore concept from designer Edwin Conan was an innovative, futuristic ride dated for the year 2020, and his new Audi Avatar concept is another futuristic supercar, dated for 2032. The futuristic Avatar connects to Audi’s past by getting inspiration from the 1937 Auto Union Type C streamliner, and also incorporates the tech and power required for a supercar of the future.Register
Audi RM Concept

Info: Designed by Halil Buzcuoglu, the Audi RM concept is based on the Audi RSQ and wants to be the high-speed transport for the future. It has been designed for people who frequently travel long, inter-city distances. Register
Audi Shark flying car concept

Info: Kazim Doku’s Shark concept is the designer’s interpretation of Audi’s design, for the future: as a flying car. Design cues come from motorcycles and airplanes, and with some good handling of design, the car gets a sleek and appealing look. Register
Audi D7 Concept

Info: The Audi D7 concept was a part of Iran’s concept car exhibition “From Dream to Reality,” and it comes across as a flashy super sports car. It gets a front mounted electric engine for power, but the most striking part of the design is its use of Neon lights, for not just a flashy body, but even for headlamps and tail lights.Register
Audi O

Info: There ‘Audi O’, apart from the brilliance of the apt title, is one concept car that seems to be more grounded in reality yet is refreshingly different to say the least. The 2008 Audi O concept fuses audio equipment with transport and was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008.
Audi A’KIMONO LS2.0 concept

Info: Teodor Kyuchukov’s A’KIMONO LS2.0 concept builds upon the A’kimono Concept that was displayed in 2007. The concept follows the idea of “Automotive Lighting Sculpture” to create a body that remains fairly visible in the dark, making a car’s silhouette recognizable at night. Register
Audi ASQ concept

Info: Audi ASQ is a futuristic concept for the year 2040. The design considers the worst case scenario effect of global warming; a time when sea levels have risen dramatically. Designed by Juyoung Kim, the ASQ concept moves over land as a normal vehicle, getting power from an electric motor in each of its spherical wheels, once the concept reaches water, it switches to an aquatic system and uses water jets for propulsion. Register
Audi Icekraft concept

Info:Audi Icekraft concept from designer Niklas Palm is a high-speed ice-craft powered by the wind but controlled by the body. The concept, in part looks something like a boat mainly due to the sails it has, but that’s what captures the wind to propel the concept. Register
Jochem Hinloopen’s 2 seater Audi

Info: Audi is something that fans go crazy about. And here is a two seater Audi for fast intercity commute. Conceived by Jochem Hinloopen, a Dutch Industrial Design Engineering student, this Audi is a commuter car that will take you to office or marketplace and back to home without being struck in traffic congestion

Old 02-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

Damn i neva seen dos cars befo

audi world

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Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

they dont look good but tfs

Old 03-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

audis gone sily concepts

Old 03-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

lots of cocepts by audi.....cool

Old 03-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

nyc collection

Old 03-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts


Old 05-May-2010
Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

good work,, thanks dear

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Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts


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Re: 12 Most incredible Audi concepts

d7 looks good

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