10 Armored vehicles

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10 Armored vehicles

10 Armored vehicles for the rich and famous

The super armored vehicles cater well to the senses of those with big pockets and high headedness. These vehicles are often used to ferry those ubber rich or important personalities around, who demand luxury with security. These vehicles are either pimped up or factory built on special demands. Well, here is a list of some of the amazing – pimped up or factory built – armored vehicles that you’d surely love to have a look on.

* Knight XV

Info: Built with the Gurkha military vehicle as an inspiration, this armored luxury SUV has a long list of accessories and gadgets that include Wilton wool carpeting, leather interiors, 6-way seating, Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth, night vision and PS3.
* Russian Kombat T98 armored SUV

Info: The Dartz Kombat T98 SUV from Russia looks like a cross between a Hummer and a tank and that and features steel plated doors and 3-inch windows, and enough armor to keep the passengers protected from attacks, ranging from bullets from an AK 47 to rocket propelled grenades.
* Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard

Info: This is Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class range special-protection model. It has factory-integrated protective features and the new S-Guard provides a unique level of protection against attacks and threats posed by violent crime.
* Armored Jaguar XJ

Info: Jaguar XJ is a beautiful, fast car that combines intelligent, relevant technologies and contemporary luxury. Jaguar’s Armored XJ Long Wheelbase luxury saloon car is an armored passenger vehicle with capabilities far beyond the needs of day to day transportation with added security, without compromising the ability of the car
* Armored Range Rover Vogue

Info: The Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle is the first armored Land Rover vehicle to be offered as a production model. The all-terrain vehicle is essentially bomb proof due to its extensive kevlar linings and floor plating and its windows can withstand sustained automatic weapon fire. Register
* Cadillac One – Limousine of US President (Bush’s Jr.)

Info: This limo which is nothing more than a hand-crafted and armored version of the Cadillac DTS. It was first used during the second inauguration of George W. Bush in the January 20, 2005 parade. The DTS was customized by Hess and Eisenhart O’Gara armored vehicle builders who have been building armored presidential limousines since the 1960s.
* Armored Chevrolet Suburban

Info: Armored Chevrolet Suburban has all its original glass moved and replaced with NIJ tested Multi-layered ballistic glass andprovides protection against high power rifles such as 7.62 x 39, 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51, M193 & M80 ball.
* Armor Horse Vault XXL

Info: Armor Horse Vault XXL is a blend of luxury, style and security. It features UL-rated thermal and composite ballistic panels and bullet-resistant windows, a dual emergency escape hatches dual emergency gun ports for fending off attackers… and when it comes luxury it offers all the features a Limo has an L-shaped wet bar, a variety of LCD screens, a powerful stereo system, and even a retractable, neon-lit and so on.
* Obama’s armored limousine

Info: The US presidential seal on the side doesn’t need introduction as to who this vehicle belongs to. Nicknamed “The Beast”, the Cadillac debuted on 20 January, 2009 as part of the inaugural parade and will be used to ferry around Obama during his presidency.
* Armored Bentley

Info: Bentley Flying Spur has a Level B6 armor that makes it bulletproof and safe enough to drive through a number of tricky locations, the looks however do not alter dramatically. The luxury car’s exterior does not seem to have changed at all.
* Russian BRDM

Info: This vehicle was made from Russian BRDM that literally means “Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. But this is not a regular military vehicle. It was bought by a Moscow entrepreneur and pimped up heavily to make it amphibian as it can both move by roads and swim by rivers or lakes


Old 20-Apr-2010
Re: 10 Armored vehicles


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Re: 10 Armored vehicles

Bet the tyres aren't bullet proof paji.

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Re: 10 Armored vehicles


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Re: 10 Armored vehicles

bentley is the ugliest car ever but in the above post it looks the best of all :D haha wierd

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Re: 10 Armored vehicles

tfs janaab

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