Why wind energy?its the latest!tech!

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Old 30-Apr-2010
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Cool Why wind energy?its the latest!tech!

Why wind energy?
Wind is an abundant source of energy that will never run out. It's also the world's fastest growing energy source and in the UK we're lucky enough to have around 40% of Europe's wind resource, potentially enough to power the country 3 or 4 times over.
Building new wind capacity is crucial in the fight against climate change
At Ecotricity we're building new turbines to make clean electricity to replace the conventional polluting sources that cause climate change. Every unit of green electricity from wind power replaces one unit of electricity normally generated from conventional polluting sources such as coal.

Wind is a sustainable fuel source that doesn't produce pollutants of any kind and its energy can be harnessed without causing any damage to the environment. The energy used in manufacturing and erecting a wind turbine is paid back in the first 3 to 6 months of operation. At the end of a wind turbine's lifetime, typically 30 years, it can be removed, leaving behind no lasting legacy.

Windpower now costs the same as conventional electricity
The manufacture of wind turbines is becoming cheaper and more efficient with the improved productivity of newer designs. This means that more electricity can be produced from more cost-effective turbines. As a result, the cost of electricity from wind is now on a level with conventional electricity costs. Since 1992, unit prices of electricity from wind power have come down from 11p to around 2p - a significant drop, making it the cheapest form of renewable energy.

Wind turbines are one of the most popular renewable energy technologies
National surveys consistently show over 80% of people in the UK are in favour of wind energy. They are loved mainly for their cleanliness and beauty but they also have an exemplary industrial safety record - no members of the public or members of the wind industry have ever been killed by a wind turbine, either in the UK or world wide (over 35,000 turbines world wide). No other power industry can claim this.

We use Enercon turbines and since the Enercon E66/E40 has been in production, none have been damaged by excessive wind speeds. They are designed to withstand winds in excess of 120 mph, which equates to a tornado. In the southern UK wind speeds over 73mph are considered to be one-in-200-year events and Enercon turbines automatically shut down in wind speeds over 60mph.

Old 30-Apr-2010
Re: Why wind energy?its the latest!tech!


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