Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 - Here is The Answer

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Old 02-Oct-2014
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Wink Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 - Here is The Answer

Microsoft took everyone by surprise two days ago when it announced that its next operating system would be called Windows 10 instead of Windows, Windows 9, or Windows Threshold as some rumors suggested, but the company offered absolutely no explanation for its decision.

Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 Because of Windows 95.Developer claims that third-party apps could incorrectly identify Windows 9 as 95, so Microsoft jumped to Windows 10.

Microsoft wanted to avoid messing up the experience on enterprise computers, as many third-party solutions in this particular side of the industry are still believed to be using old code that would lead to incorrect identification of the operating system.

Here's what the alleged Microsoft developer wrote on Twitter:

"Microsoft dev here, the internal rumours are that early testing revealed just how many third party products that had code of the form:

if(version.StartsWith("Windows 9"))
{ /* 95 and 98 */ } else {

and that this was the pragmatic solution to avoid that."

As Engadget writes today, a similar problem occurred more than 10 years ago with Windows 2000 and a number of Pentium processors, but at that point, the issues affected fewer customers.

Microsoft, however, tried to avoid any potential errors in Windows 9, so it gave the operating system a completely new name that would also signal the beginning of a completely new era for the brand.

Company executives suggested that skipping Windows 9 and going directly to Windows 10 was a decision entirely based on the amount of changes that are part of the operating system, so the company wanted to be very clear that its new product brings not only a plethora of changes in terms of looks and features, but also a completely new approach for customers.

Old 22-Oct-2014
Re: Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 - Here is The Answer


Old 28-Nov-2014
Re: Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 - Here is The Answer

wow i was wondering why they skipped 9

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