Sony telling that the PSP2 has the same power as a PS3

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Old 14-Jan-2011
Sony telling that the PSP2 has the same power as a PS3

Way back in October, we heard from anonymous sources that when the Sony PSP2 debuted, it would boast the horsepower of an Xbox 360. It sounds like Sony didnít like being compared to an arch-rival console, because theyíre now going around trying to put forward a very different, yet very similar, message: the PSP2 will be as powerful as the PlayStation 3.
According to MCV, Sony reps are making the rounds to developers, trying to sell them on the new (and still unofficial) handheld console by saying itís got the same oomph as a PS3. Thatís probably a bit hyperbolic, but Sonyís got a hard sell on their hands: the Nintendo 3DSís release is imminent, and PSP sales have never been nearly as good as DS sales.. and theyíve been totally in the toilet for the PSP Go.
In addition to PS3-type horsepower, the PSP2 will allegedly have an app store of sorts, and downloadable content is going to be a major part of the PSP2 sales model, although gamers will still be able to buy physical PSP2 media. Release date is still unknown, but itís rumored that the PSP2 probably wonít come out until closer to the holidays.

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