Some Samsung Galaxy S IIs have NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips inside

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Old 07-Mar-2011
Some Samsung Galaxy S IIs have NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips inside

When you buy a new gadget, you want to know what youíre getting. You want to know the specs, and you also want to know that the specs written on the box are the same as whatís actually inside of your gadget. If the brand new notebook you bought at the store came with only an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU instead of a Sandy Bridge one, youíd be angry, right?
Not in the case of Samsungís anticipated successor to their Galaxy S Android smartphone, theGalaxy S II. Why? Well, if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S II, youíll have no idea what you are getting inside: some will boast an NVIDIA Tegra 2 inside, and others wonít.
Itís hard to believe, but itís true. In some Samsung Galaxy S II boxes, youíll find handsets that use NVIDIAís excellent dual-core SoC to power things, while others will contain Samsungís own system-on-a-chip, the inferior Exynos. Worst of all, thereís absolutely no way to tell which one youíre getting at retail: itís random right down to the SKU number.
Pretty clearly, this is a supply issue, but not the way you think: the Galaxy S II is supposed to have an Exynos inside, but apparently, Samsung was simply incapable of supplying enough of their own SoC, and had to contract with NVIDIA to pitch in some Tegra 2 to meet demand.
Itís a pity Samsung didnít decide to switch over to the Tegra 2 entirely. . The dual-core Tegra 2 is a great SoC: heck, it even has its own Android app now. Itís just too bad that the Galaxy S II is only a Tegra 2 device by chance and luck, not design.

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