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Old 28-Oct-2009
Question Plz Help

hey guys , i m using Win XP and wen i start my pc it slows down after sum tym on running 5 or 6 applications at the same tym. And sum tyms it shows dat Virtual Memory is Low. Is there any way out 2 solve dis prob...??? plzz rep... w8ing...

Old 28-Oct-2009
userid 56304
Re: Plz Help

press ctrl alt delete .....go to processes

take a pic of it with faststone capture and post it here..

I'll see if i can help u..

Old 28-Oct-2009
Re: Plz Help

ok thnx bro... i ll do dat...

Old 28-Oct-2009
Re: Plz Help

chk at right bottom ...what applications are running ... the app. which u don use ...jus right click on them ...change their settings and uncheck the option Automatically startup ....and Clean ur desktop !

Old 29-Oct-2009
Re: Plz Help

urs comp memory is less.. or extra program is running behind

well next time whenever some one have any prob in pc..plz do some basic things i mean configuration of urs pc paste karooooo thatz

wat operating system ...xp sp1,2 or 3 or vista or windows 98 etc
How much memory RAM - 256 kb or 512 , 1 , 2 gb etc
how many mhz or ghz it is ,,core 2 duo or pentium 4 etc...

For that,
my computer,right click,properties ,general tab ....see there

Old 08-Nov-2009
Re: Plz Help

Do you need to fix slow pc startup problems? Have you noticed that your friend's old Pentium II computer seems to run faster than your Pentium IV? A Pentium IV computer with a well maintained windows XP system will run fast even if it has only 128 MB of Ram memory, and have a smaller CPU. So if your computer is running or starting up slow you need to fix slow pc startup through the software, before you look at the hardware of your system.
If your computer is running slow then you are probably experiencing software problems. There are probably a ton of different little odd things going on with all of those 1 and 0's that you don't even know about.
There are several things that can slow your computer down:
  • You could have a slow hard drive or a hard drive that is failing
  • You may not have enough memory
  • You might have a virus
  • Your computer may just be overloaded with junk

The first thing you should do is perform some easy maintenance tasks and then see what happens.
  1. Delete all of your temporary files, your unwanted files, and your recycle bin by going to system tools under your accessories in start.
  2. Run a scandisk
  3. Defragment your hard drive to get rid of any fragmented areas
  4. Upgrade and run your antivirus program
  5. Download a registry fix tool from the internet.
  6. Install the registry fix tool and run it. These are pretty self explanatory programs, and the program itself will take you through the steps.
The above process should take you about a good twenty minutes to do. Once you have finished everything reboot your system. If this does not make your computer start up faster than you need to look elsewhere at the culprit.
Check your antivirus software, if it is outdated or incompatible with your system it will make your computer start up slower. You might fix this problem by upgrading or changing your antivirus program. Run the virus program a couple of times to make sure you don't have a virus or malware on your machine.
If the problem still persists, it may be your hard drive that is going bad. Listen to your computer! Are there any strange sounds coming from the machine? One of the symptoms of a bad hard drive is a knocking or clicking noise that shows up either constantly or intermittently. Another symptom you may have of a bad hard drive is the blue screen of death that shows up once in a while. To determine if it’s your hard drive you can download a hard drive tester to scan the hard drive and see if this is your problem.

You may only need to add some RAM memory. Go to system tools and System information to find out how much memory your computer has. A computer running Windows XP should be running at a minimum on 256MB of RAM.
As you can see there are several things you can do to fix slow pc startup. It's just a matter of taking the time to do it.

================================================== =====================================

I am posting registry software with serial number for u . Download & install it.

Any problem let me know

I AM UPLOADING THIS LINK in your as private message.
Let me know after downloading

Old 08-Nov-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Plz Help

sorry dear

Old 08-Nov-2009
Re: Plz Help

Pta nahi ji
Kisi Proffesional nu check kar wa lo

Old 09-Nov-2009
Re: Plz Help

rEBOOT !!!!

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