OCZ exits the DRAM business to focus on the next big thing:

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Old 15-Jan-2011
OCZ exits the DRAM business to focus on the next big thing:

Buying more or faster RAM is one of the best bang-for-your-buck PC upgrades you can make, and itís no wonder why: over the past few years, RAM prices have simply plummeted. To put how low prices of RAM have gotten in perspective, 7 years ago or so, I was told authoritatively by a friend that RAM was so cheap you could get another meg of it for just a dollar. Now, a meg of RAM costs about a penny.
Thatís great for consumersÖ but unfortunately, itís a race to the bottom for RAM sellers. Itís sad, then, to hear that industry stalwart OCZ is getting out of the RAM game, basically because itís just too hard to compete with the likes of Crucial.
Believe it or not, this is actually a very smart move on OCZís part, because theyíre now throwing all of their weight behind SSDs. Not only do SSD drives command higher margins, but consumers are clearly interested: a substantial portion of OCZís revenues is already made by selling SSD drives to consumers.
Itís a forward thinking move, too: over the next few years, the price on SSDs is going to drop, and itís going to be the next big bang-for-your-buck PC upgrade for everyone under the sun. OCZís profits might be down this year, but my guess is that this is a very smart positioning for a very bright future when RAM matters a lot less than it once did.

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