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Old 27-Mar-2010
Lightbulb iPad games wed love to see

After news of the HD and XL iPad versions of some of our favorite games are on their way Flight Control being one of my personal obsessions we thought it would be fun to ponder what other boardgames would make for a fun iPad experience. Heres our list. What would you guys like to see?

Carcassonne If youve never split a few bottles of wine (or tequila) and played Carcassonne, you havent lived. To be able to play this with a few people on the iPad would be amazing and you wouldnt have to carry all those cards around.

The game is pretty simple you put down random cards to build cities, roads, and farms. You place a knight on a card to claim it and get the knight back when youve completed a feature. However, its amazingly addictive and an iPad version would be great.

Sim City This game is already out on the iPhone but a version on a larger, more readable screen would be great.

Civilization V While I could spend most of my life playing Civ Rev on the iPhone, why not go nuts and rebuild Civ V for the iPad? I would totally pay a few dozen dollars for this.

Burnout iPad Edition My son and I have been playing Burnout Paradise like fiends lately and a big-screen, motion aware version of Burnout would make us both happy.

Monopoly This next set of games are boardgame classics. First up Monopoly. Its a no brainer.

Connect 4 There are only knock off versions of Connect 4 on the App Store right now, but a big screen version would be great.

Battleship The current version if iPhone Battleship looks great but why not buy two iPads so you can recreate Battleship in all its You sunk my glory? Then again, maybe not.

Air Hockey This is totes magotes one of my favorites. The iPhone version is great for two players and an iPad version would be even better.

Incredible Machine Remember this insanity? The Incredible Machine was a 1990s Rube Goldberg video game dedicated to teaching kids how to make things work together. I havent played it in years but a 3D, Enigmo-esque version would be great.

Planetfall One of the original Infocom classics. Listen: the iPad has a usable keyboard and can support external keyboards. Why not slap together an Infocom pack for $2 and sell some imagination to these whippersnappers. Whos with me?

Old 28-Mar-2010
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: iPad games wed love to see


Old 28-Mar-2010
Re: iPad games wed love to see

Att game ipad.

Old 29-Mar-2010
Re: iPad games wed love to see

att ta games iphone ch v ney


Old 05-Apr-2011
Re: iPad games wed love to see


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