iPad data-recovery can cost you $1,000

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Old 18-Feb-2011
iPad data-recovery can cost you $1,000

With iPads becoming common-place in the business world, more and more users are storing mission-critical data on their devices. But what happens when your iPad gets damaged or you sync your device into the wrong computer and iTunes wipes out all your data? Who do you turn to in order to recovery what could be vital business critical work?
Thankfully there is a solution, but depending on the nature of the damage/data loss it can cost $1,000 to recovery your files. This is of course a worse case scenario as DriveSavers (the company behind the recovery service) base the cost on the capacity of data they recover and not the actual time taken.
Mind you, when you discover how complex it is to recover data on an Apple device you can start to understand why the company is charging this figure in the first place.
The iPad includes hardware encryption and solid state flash storage which both need to be analyzed in order to attempt recovery. The flash storage also contains several layers of NAND flash which are stacked on top of each other. The data stored in the stack needs to be put back together in the correct order to bring back the logical volume so that the information can be recovered.
Either way we would not expect consumers to take up the cost of repairs to simply recover Angry Birds save data, but for corporate users facing the prospect of loosing a small fortune itís a solid investment.

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