How to fix system boot failure error – Troubleshooting

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Old 10-Nov-2010
How to fix system boot failure error – Troubleshooting

Top ways to troubleshoot boot problems of blue screen system boot failure error.

Sometimes your computer fails to start up when you need it most. It doesn’t boot, show blue screen “error detected” or does not display anything on the monitor. This happens usually when the PC remains uncleaned and out of service for a long time.

Do not panic!! If you have some basic knowledge of how to assemble CPU hardware, you can get your PC working like new in just minutes. Some of the top reasons for this and their rectification are here :-

Hardware Problem:-

1. RAM – The most probable cause for this is that the system RAM is not conducting. This can happen if the RAM is misaligned due to jerks or there is dust clotted around it. Take the RAM out and clean it’s contact edges with a eraser. Also dust away the RAM socket in your motherboard. Dirt can sometimes build up in ‘drifts’ around the memory sticks and the video, sound or modem card slots. If possible use the compressed air to blow it out, avoid to use the brush here. Place it again tightly and reboot.

2. Wiring - Due to wear and tear of wires, it may happen that some of the wiring gets damaged. Try changing the motherboard power supply and the hard drive wiring with new one.

3. Power Supply – The SMPS might have been damaged or got it’s wiring broken. Try getting a new SMPS for your PC.

4. Processor - The CPU brain may be getting over heated. This happens if the fan or the sink has is not clean. Try getting it out and cleaning it of any dust or even dog hair sticking to it.

5. Display Unit – If your motherboard uses on board graphics, it may happen that it may have blown off due overheating. Try getting a display card socketed in the slot of your motherboard so that it bypasses the onboard version and boots again.

Software Problem:-

1. Windows Corrupt – The windows might have been corrupted due to virus infestation that causes system to crash or stopping at the boot screen. Try repairing or installing a fresh copy of genuine windows again.

2. Third Party Conflict – Any third party software that you may have installed might be clashing it’s settings with another system software. Try restoring windows back using system restore option available in system tool to resolve this conflict.

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