Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

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Old 07-Aug-2009
Lightbulb Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

Essential Things To Know B4 Starting A Website

Almost every netuser dreams to have his own website. So these are the basic things which you must know to start a website,

1. Domain Name & Website
2. Web Space or Web Hosting

& also

4. IP Addresses & DNS Servers
5. Advertisement & Affiliation Programs

1. Domain Name & Website
Before understanding Domain, lets see what Website means. Website is nothing but a collection of related webpages, images, videos & any content which can be published on net. & webpages are building blocks of a website.

A particular name assigned for a website is known as Domain Name. It's just like a nameplate as our houses have.


Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which Top Level Domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a
limited number of such domains. For example :

gov - Government agencies
edu - Educational institutions
org - Organizations
mil - Military
com - Commercial business
net - Network organizations
in - India
uk - United Kingdom

Some service providers give domain names for free, but in most of the cases, all go for paid domain names.

2.Web space
We simply need some space to construct our house na ?, in a similar way, websites also. Web Space is used to store the components of the website, like webpages,images, videos etc.

We can buy space or host our files on some servers for free. In other words, Free Hosting & Paid Hosting. In Free Hosting, although you get space without paying a penny, but all service providers do not offer all features. They forcibly put ads, or simply they might not support sql or any.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), its the language which is used to create & edit webpages. Notepad can be used to create pages using HTML. But its not compulsory to know HTML to create a webpage, you can get it done by softwares known as WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) Editors.

Eg. WYSIWYG Web Builder or Adobe Dreamweaver.

Using WYSIWYG editors is very simple, all you have to do is install it & you can start adding contents to your webpages with zero knowledge of HTML ! Cool Na ?

I think these are essential things that you must know to start a website. Get started now...

But however,

4. IP Address & DNS Servers
IP (Internet Protocol) is an address assigned to a computer. The format of an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to 255. For example,, is IP address of CHIP.in. & in fact domain name identifies IP addresses.

DNS (Domain Name System), its a service which translates domain names to IP addresses.

5. Advertisement & Affiliation Programs
Now u have constructed ur cool website, but how to make it popular ? simple, just put ads of your websites on other famous websites by paying them small amount of money.

Eg. Google Adwords

But now, if you want to make some money by your website, put ads of other websites. Its affiliation program.

Eg. Google Adsense, Adbrite etc

-Buy a Domain Name
-Build your website either by HTML or WYSIWYG Editors
-Host all your contents on a free or paid web hosting
-Promote your website or Make Money.

Old 08-Aug-2009
Re: Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

IS it possible to use a PC as host / Server to put a Web Site?

Old 08-Aug-2009
Re: Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

Originally Posted by jemshault View Post
IS it possible to use a PC as host / Server to put a Web Site?
Yea, you can host the website on your local machine, but it depends on your pc. Is it in the DMZ or LAN?
DMZ is when it has straight access to the Internet and LAN is when it goes through a Switch/Hub/Router or another PC

Old 08-Aug-2009
Arrow Re: Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

Originally Posted by jemshault View Post
IS it possible to use a PC as host / Server to put a Web Site?

Yes it is possible..
If you want to host your website from your personal computer, there are several facts you should know.
You must know how to set up an Internet server software on your PC. The software will allow Internet users to see the websites you put on your hard drive. Examples of the software needed include Microsoft’s Peer Web Services, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server or Apache.
You will also need to find out if your internet service provider (ISP) will allow you to run websites on your home computer. You might need an upgraded Internet plan in order to host websites on your home PC.
You must leave your computer on. If you turn your computer off or if it restarts for any reason, your website will be down until your computer is up and running again.
Another inconvenience is that your web page will load slowly.The Internet connections we all use at home are not intended for website hosting. This means your site will load much slower on your viewer’s computer than if it were hosted by one of the more traditional web hosting means.
So, if paying more money for an upgraded connection is not a problem for you and if you do not mind that your website’s down time depends on whether your home computer shuts down or reboots, and if a speedy upload time are not concerns of yours, then you may be happy enough hosting your website from your own home computer.

Old 10-Aug-2009
Re: Essential Things To Know b4 Starting A Website

Very usefull bro, thanx

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