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Old 02-Jan-2010
Cool Keyboard Tricks

Computer keyboard tricks provide a range of interesting options to do a variety of things. It can also enhance your knowledge about many features of a computer keyboard. However, certain shortcuts and tricks work on some specific configurations. Therefore, before displaying some simple but really impressive understanding of a computer keyboard, always make sure that the PC supports the function. For instance, shortcuts which include the F-keys present at the top of the keyboard may not work with Windows Vista. Nevertheless, a brief idea about these tricks is fun and a few of these are mentioned below.

Shift+F1: Display the formatting of a MS Word Document.
Ctrl+Shift+F1: Change the font.
Shift+F2: Copy the text.
Shift+F3: Change text casing in Word document.
Alt+F3: Provides a building block in MS Word.
F4: Will repeat the last action. If the last action was the changing of font size, simply pressing F4 without selecting and going through the dialog boxes will repeat the procedure.
F8 key is used for booting a Windows system in safe mode.

In order to take a screen-shot from a motion video, follow the steps mentioned.
  • Press Ctrl+I when the video is streaming/playing or in paused state.
  • The 'save as' screen will appear and you can simply save the file as a JPEG image.
  • If the shortcut does not work, check the option which says, 'Use Video Mixing Renderer'. It is found in certain operating systems under Tools > Options > Performance > Advanced.
Ctrl+Alt+ arrow keys will invert the screen accordingly. For example, on clicking Ctrl, Alt and right arrow key simultaneously, the screen will rotate 90 degrees in the right direction. On pressing Ctrl, Alt and UP arrow key, the screen can be brought into the original position.

Windows key+Pause/Break: Directs to system properties.
Ctrl+0 (zero): Adds a spacing before a paragraph.
Ctrl+slash key /+ C: Adds cents symbol in word document.
Ctrl+' apostrophe key followed by a character: Adds accent mark to that character.

Shift+Alt+Print Screen: Change to high contrast setting on clicking OK in the window that pops up. Enter the same combination to revert to the original settings.

Windows+R and type 'magnify' in the command window: magnify the text highlighted by the cursor.

Logging In and Out

Windows key followed by Right arrow key 3 times and R key will restart the computer.
Windows key followed by Right arrow key 3 times and U or Enter key will shut down the computer.
Windows key followed by Right arrow key 3 times and W key will switch users.
Windows key followed by Right arrow key 1 time and then Enter key will make the PC go in 'Sleep' mode.

A very common mistake that occurs during typing is the change in case. If by mistake you type an entire paragraph in the upper case, do not delete and retype the entire block. Simply, select the text and press Shift+F3. The selection will change to lower case. On pressing Shift+F3 one more time, the selection will change to title case. Thus, every sentence will begin with a capital and the rest of the text is in lower case, saving much of your effort.

Last but the most important tip is to save the original settings to revert back to the original form before trying out all the tricks.

By Prashant Magar

Old 03-Jan-2010
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Cool Keyboard Tricks


Old 04-Jan-2010
Re: Cool Keyboard Tricks

very nice trickssssssssss

Old 15-Jan-2010
Re: Cool Keyboard Tricks


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