Asus G73JH with AMD Mobility 5870 GPU arriving soon

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Old 16-Jan-2011
Asus G73JH with AMD Mobility 5870 GPU arriving soon

A sharp-eyed writer over at DailyTech noticed that the Asus G73JH, a highly-awaited gaming laptop, has a page up on Newegg.com. This is exciting news on its own, as the wedge-shaped G73JH should prove to be one of the better gaming computers to land in 2010, but there is more to the story. Itís looking like this will be the first laptop to run AMDís powerhouse ATI Mobility 5870 graphics.
Two systems have been posted to Newegg, the G73JH-X1 and G73JH-A2, both of which are priced at $1599.99. They are not yet available for sale, but an auto-notify tool is available for prospective buyers.
Both systems run Intelís Core i7 720QM processor, with 8GB of RAM, and ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 graphics. They run a 17.3-inch (1920◊1080) display, plus have a DVD Super Multi drive, and Intel HM55 chipsets.
The main difference currently appears to be that the A2 has 1TB (2◊500GB) of storage while the X1 has 500GB. The A2 also will come with a backpack and mouse, while none are mentioned with the X1. It seems likely that unless there is some other difference not mentioned there will be a price change before the laptops are made available for purchase. According to a commenter the X1 was previous listed at $1499 so that might be the price we see it at when it goes on sale. Dailytech says that the A2 will get the 1TB of storage while the X1 gets the backpack and mouse, but Newegg currently indicators otherwise.
Buyers interested in the G73JH might want to jump on it when it becomes availableĖnot only does it look like a solid computer at a reasonable price but the last time Asus rolled out a top-level ATI-powered laptop (the W90Vp) it was notoriously hard to find. It was never made clear whether is was discontinued or if there were just not a lot of them manufactured, but it left a lot of PC gamers disappointed.

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