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Old 06-Mar-2010
Lightbulb Apple Tablet Specs and Review...

Functions and features:

1) OLED Screen, iPhone OS variation, Multiple Apps (Running music while playing a video, etc) – Very likely, this one has been predicted over and over again.

2) Solar Powered – This is one of the most amazing things that will happen for this device if ever that rumor is true. Although we have been hearing this for weeks now, Mr. Briggs’ article tends to believe that this legendary device won’t have solar capability. Dam-n, I hope there’s still some light for that statement

3) Thumb pads on each sides – Should this be true, I bet it’ll not only rest on the side. I wonder what does he truly means with the word “thumb pads”

4) Finger-print verification – Plausible: We have that on our laptops, why shouldn’t it be implemented on this messiah gadget?
5 profiles can be registered on one device: What’s this? iTunes?

5) HDTV tuner, a PVR and a chess game built-in – HDTV and PVR Tuner: Wouldn’t it make the tablet look bulky and cheap if they put so many dangling peripherals on this one? One thing that I know about Mr. Jobs, is that he won’t take elegance for granted even we are talking about boosting his iGadgets performance.

Chess game built-in: MMkay, so all the while we have amazing Wii like gaming performance on the above statement and now, a chessgame? C’mon, make us dream for more!

6) Back camera and front camera (quote: “you shoot what’s in front of you + yourself. Augmented video conferencing!”) – So we have two cams now? I can’t comment on this one. The whole arrangement of thestatement is kind of ‘jigsawed’ in my opinion

7) Wireless keyboard + monitor connection for external monitors – Plausible: One of the dreams of some iPhone users is to have a real physical keyboard for their device. A wireless keyboard (perhaps connected via bluetooth) will be interesting to see.
Network Carriers and Pricing

8) The tablet will be offered by Verizon and AT&T – Yes and Yes: Seeing that the new tablet will be open for Red V (not the robot) is just a godsent for people who is so ‘tired’ of being on that deadlast carrier for 2009.

9) It will cost $599, $699 or $799, depending on the screen size and internal memory – What a predicament! All the while we thought this will be unveiled ranging from 900-1000 USD and then this? I say sweet, although there’s some “IF” which depends mainly on the specs and size of the tablet.


History of The Apple Tablet

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