AMD starts shipping 16-core Bulldozer Interlagos Opteron ser

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Old 10-Sep-2011
AMD starts shipping 16-core Bulldozer Interlagos Opteron ser

AMD‘s processor naming conventions are anything but clear. So when the company says Bulldozer chips have started shipping to vendors, you inevtiably have to ask: which ones?

This week AMD has announced via its Business Blog that the first production shipments of the 32nm 16-core Interlagos Opteron processors have left its manufacturing facilities in Singapore. These new Opterons are based on the latest Bulldozer CPU cores and will be called the Opteron 6200. No further details have been released yet regarding their frequency or clock speeds, but they will fit in the existing Socket G34 used by the Opteron 6100.

AMD admits the availability of the chips has come later than planned, but we should still expect to see servers carrying the 6200 chips before the end of the year.

Some of those first batches of the 16-core processors will be heading to Cray for inclusion in the Cray XE6 and XK6 scalable supercomputers. In turn, companies like GE Global Research, Switzerland’s National Supercomputer Center, and the University of Edinburgh will be some of the first locations to start using these Opterons.

As for Bulldozer processors aimed at the desktop market, we are still expecting them to arrive at some point this month sporting between 2 and 8 cores. Whether AMD manage to ship or fall back to the first quarter of next year when further Bulldozer chips were planned has yet to be determined.

To better understand the Bulldozer core design check out AMD’s very informative video below:

Old 12-Sep-2011
Re: AMD starts shipping 16-core Bulldozer Interlagos Opteron

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