Mori Araj Suno - Tina Sani ft. Areib Azhar (Coke Studio)

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Old 06-Jun-2011
Lightbulb Mori Araj Suno - Tina Sani ft. Areib Azhar (Coke Studio)

Tina Sani

Mori araj suno, dastagir pir

O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal


Mairee kahun kaa say mein apnay jiya ki pir

I am a faithful follower of my Creator

Mori araj suno, dastagir pir

O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal

Rabba sachiya, toon tay akhia see

My true Lord, you had said

Ja oye bandiya jug da shah ain tu

“Go man, you are master of the world

Saadian nemataan terian daulataan nenh

My bounties on earth are your treasure

Saada naib the alijah ain tu

You are the viceroy of your Creator”

Ais laaray teh torr kudh puchia eh

After baiting me with these promises

Kee ais nimanay teh beetiyaan nenh

Countless years have passed by

Kaddi saar we layee o rab saiyaan

My Lord, did you ever enquire what transpired with your man

Terey shah naal jugh kee kitiyan nenh

What your man has suffered in this world?

Kithay dhons police sarkar dee eh

Somewhere, those in power and with the means intimidate, harass and terrorize

Kithay dhandhli maal patwaar di eh

Elsewhere, draft and bribery are rampant

Ainj hadaan wich kalpay jaan meri

My soul is shaken down to my bone

Jeevain phahee ich koonj kurlaundi eh

Just like a bird flutters when caught in a trap

Changa shah banayaee rab saiyaan

You made a fine king indeed, my sweet lord

Paulay khaandayaan waar na aundi eh

All I have gotten are endless beatings

Mainu shahi naeen chaidi rab meray

I don’t want kingship, my Lord

Mein tay izzat da tukkar mangna haan

All I need is a morsel of respect

Meinu taang naeen mehlaan maraiaan di

I have no desire to live in palaces

Mein tay jeevain di nukkar mangnaa haan

I just want a small nook to live my life

Meri mannain tay tairian main mannan

If you agree with me, I will agree with you

Teri sohn jay ik wi gal moran

I won’t decline anything no matter how unreasonable

Jey ay maang nai pujdi tain rabba

If you don’t look out for me God!

Fayr main jawan teh rab koi hor loraan

Then I should go and seek for myself another god

Mori araj suno, dastagir pir

O my lord, pay heed to my appeal


Arieb Azhar:

Iss surat seh

With this grimace

Arz sunatay


Dard batatay

Sharing the pain

Nayya khaitay

Rowing the boat

Minnat kartay

Asking for his blessings

Rasta taktay

Waiting expectantly

Kitni sadiyaan beet gai hain

Countless centuries have passed by

Ab jakar yeh bhaid khulla hai

Only now has it been revealed

Jis koh tum ne arz guzari

The one who you had appealed to

Jo tha haat pakarnay waala

The one who held your hand and guided you

Jis jaag laagi nao tumhaari

Where your boat had docked

Jis say dukh ka daaroo manga

From whom you had asked for a panacea for your pain

Toray mandir may joh nahin aaya

The one who did not visit your temple

Woh to tum heen thay

It was you only

Woh to tum heen thay

It was you only

Old 18-Jun-2011
.::singh chani::.
Re: Mori Araj Suno - Tina Sani ft. Areib Azhar (Coke Studio)

nice..... tfs...

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