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Jind Mahi
Translated by Radhika Nagpal

Copyright 2001 MIT Bhangra
This song is sung to Jind Mahi, which literally means love of my life. Each boli is a little narrative told by the singer to his darling, and always follows the same structure : Oh Jind Mahi is followed by some object/words that determines the rhyme - the next set of lines is a narrative of some sort where each line ends with a rhyming word. The end is always the chorus (Ek pal bahi jana..).
This song is a very old traditional song and is simply a basis for improvisation. The structure makes it perfect for improvisation. The following are some boliyan that I knew as a kid and are also in a current popular version of the song.
Jind Mahi bajre diyan, aha
Jind Mahi bajre diyan kaliyan
Ki mela vekhan aiyan, aha
Ki mela vekhan aiyan jattiyan
Ki hath vich sheesha, hoy
Hath vich sheesha savaran pattiyan.

Ek pal behi jana, aha
Ve ek pal behi jana mere kol
Ve tere mithrde ni, hoy
Ve tere mithrde ni lagde bol
oho oho oho hai

Jind Mahi, baj tere kumlaiyan
Ki teriyan ladiyan Parjaiyan
Ki baji phir kade na aiyan
Ek pal...

Jind Mahi ambiyan te a gaya boor
Ki jattiyan de mukhrde te varda noor
Jinno vekh ke charde saroor
Ek pal....

Jind Mahi je turiyo patiale
Othon liyavi reshmi naale
Ade chitte oye, ade kale
Ek pal..

Jind Mahi, the buds (kaliyan) of bajara (grain) are here
(spring has arrived)
The jattiyan have come (aiyan) to see (vekhan) the mela
In one hand (hath) is a mirror (sheesha), with which
she fixes (svaran) her hair (pattiyan)

For one moment (ek pal), sit down (behi jana)
near me (mere kol)
I find your words (bol) so sweet (mithrde)

Your spoilt (ladli) sister-in-laws (parjai)
They will never come back into your hands (baji = control)

Jind Mahi, the leaf buds (boor) have come on the ambi tree
The faces (mukhrde) of the jattiyan are beginning to glow
Seeing that (jinnu vekh ke) fills me with intoxication

Jind Mahi, if you go (turiyo) to Patiala
From there (othon) bring (liyavi) silki (reshmi) tassles (naale)
Half (ade) white (chitte) half black (kale)

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Re: lok geet -jind mahi by arsh mann

hey thanxx Arshh

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Re: lok geet -jind mahi by arsh mann

Nice work dear
Keep it up

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Re: lok geet -jind mahi by arsh mann


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Re: lok geet -jind mahi by arsh mann


Old 27-May-2010
Re: lok geet -jind mahi by arsh mann


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