Doorite - Humble The Poet

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Old 29-Jul-2012
Yaar Punjabi
Doorite - Humble The Poet

My Mamma said, "Don't say that"
The World said, "Boy, better stay strapped"
I'm tripp'n here, spittin on this soul riddem
and I'm envision'n all my goals within
I'm a Doorite
I can do wrong
I'm a Doorite
I can do wrong

Make it sound happy
Dance to the beat
And smile when your rapping
Never let'em know that your scared
Never ever ever tell truth to their ears
Or proof that their fears can go POOF
With a little elbow grease
Blood sweat and tears
Make it for the youth
Make'em shake their rears
Make'em shake their minds
But never let'em find
A way to see inside
Cause they might realize
That you're a new soul
Yet everything is old
Bet everything your told
Won't compare to what you sold
Cause what you learns, what you earn
And everything has a price
you pay at every turn
only burn
what you can build again
never fillin in that hole
so never even try,
just soak it with your soul

You're never fillin in that hole
so never even try,
just soak it with your soul Luv

[B Magic]
Ever since a likkle youth I loved rap but never hit the booth
Born wreckless even managed to chip my middle tooth
I stick'n move like they taught me in middle school
kids wanted to box me I tuned into Rocky
Moms taught me: if Pops made it, nothing could stop me
No TV, my Fam better than Bill Cosby's
it's getting obvi, Rap became more than a hobby
if you aint first, you're last, that word to Ricky Bobby
& them Taladega nights, when I battle with the mic
They be following the flight like my shadow in the light
We just trying to get a slice of that apple with my knife
You're a mimic, you be snitching, you just tattle when you write
You are welcome to my life at times itis a night mare
Tryin to find my drive but i couldn't find the right gear
Tryin to get a buzz, but we sippin on some light beers
Tell us 'Just Do It' but we couldn't afford Nike Airs...

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