Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )

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Old 30-Jul-2009
Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )

This tutorial will show you how to create beautiful model face from ordinary girl photo. I will show you an easy method on how to create a nice looking effect in just a few steps.

I will use an image with a girl.

First of all Iíll make the pickles and blemishes to disappear. I will select Spot Healing Brush Tool, and i will make small drawing over each imperfection of the face.

The result is very good. It will take you some time, but I assure you will have the same result as mine. I will select eyedropper tool, and I will choose the color for the eyebrows. With a smooth round brush, I will try to accentuate a little the eyebrow. Try to set the brush opacity to 30 %.

You can see my result in the following image

I will select the eyelash brush i have provided here.You can use any of them.

contains hidden content You will have to reply to see hidden content

I will add the eyelash on a new brush, and I will go to Edith > Transform > Warp.

In the following image you will see how I will manipulate the eyelash with warp tool.

I will place the same eyelash brush also on the other eye.

The image with the girl looks already good.

I will make a selection with Pen Tool around the girls face. I am doing this step because I want to add some simple makeup.

I will right click on my canvas and I will chose make selection.

Then I will go to Select > Inverse ( SHIFT+CTRL+I ).
Create a new layer ( press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N )
I will select Brush Tool, and with a smooth round brush (opacity value 20 %) I will draw over the cheek

I will create 4 small shapes with Rectangle Tool.

I will select all the layers with the rectangles, and I will click on CTRL+E to merge all the layers into a single one. The next step is to use Warp tool, to modify the aspect of the shapes.

This is my result. As you see I try to add some light in her eyes.

I will use Dodge Tool to add some lights over the eyes. This is my final result.


Old 30-Jul-2009
Re: Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )


Old 30-Jul-2009
Re: Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )


Old 31-Jul-2009
Re: Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )

nice 1

Old 01-Aug-2009
Re: Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )


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Re: Facial Photo Retouching ( Tutorial )


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