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Old 12-Oct-2012
Jaggi G
Cool Unlimited INTERNAL MEMORY, HTC,Samsung, Motorola ALL Devices

This is not a phone/brand specific guide, its universal. Would be great if it gets pinned.

Samsung Galaxy Duos Y Pocket Mini Ace
HTC Wildfire Explorer Desire One Sensation Salsa Chacha Evo Incredible Inspire Hero
Spice Mi 270 280 300 310 350 350n 410 425 500 720
Karbonn A7 A9
Micromax A52 A45 A50 A75 A73 A85 A70 A78 A60
Froyo or GingerBread GB

Most probably will work on HoneyComb, ICS & above since the app gets regularly updated. Check developer's description on Play Store.

When to do:
If fone runs out of internal memory or u know for sure tat it will

1. SD card
2. MiniTool Partition (free) software on windows PC
3. Link2SD

* higher the CLASS of SD, faster the performance
* link2SD is available for FREE on Play Store. Get the latest version. If u dont hav a STORE, find the compatible version yrself or try the attached APK

1. ROOT yr fone
2. settings - privacy - factory reset
3. switch OFF

* if u dont know whether yr fone is ROOTed or not, then its surely NOT-ROOTed
* if factory reset doesnt wipe yr fone, switch off & enter RECOVERY & clear dalvik, cache, etc
* in many fones recovery can be entered by simply POWERing ON while HOLDING Volume Up

1. take out SD
2. say, its a 16gb SD, use MINITOOL on PC & create 1st PRIMARY partition of 14gb as FAT32
3. 2nd PRIMARY partition of 2gb as EXT2
4. u'll get some warnings, ignore them
5. once u r done, leave the SD aside, DONT plug it in fone
6. start yr fone & DONT let play store auto update anything
7. Ummm... Have a smoke!
8. update superuser bianary, restart
9. plugin the modded SD
10. install LINK2SD from play store in INTERNAL MEMORY
11. run the app
12. on 1st run the app will ask whats the 2nd partition type. Choose EXT2
13. if the app doesnt say tat, repartition again, if still doesnt say, figure out wats wrong
14. dont proceed unless u get tat popup msg from link2sd. once u get tat msg, accept it & restart
15. run the app & configure android's inbuilt app2sd to install in INTERNAL MEMORY by default
16. now configure link2sd to auto link new installations to SD
17. restart & hav fun

*how to check: install ANYTHING on yr fone & after it says install complete, link2sd will popup in notification & say LINKING. let it do its work & say LINKED
*note : DONT ever format the modded SD thru fone, it'll delete the illegal partition
*can b used on ANY andoid device
*never hot-swap yr SD cause its part of system now. to take out SD, turn off fone
*if u follow the clean format method, DO NOT read beyond this! u'll never have to worry bout free space, just enjoy yr droid


effect is best noted if clean format method is followed but.....

those who dont wanna format, do all the settings as point 15&16, then for the stuff tat r already installed in INTERNAL mem, LINK them to SD, DO NOT MOVE them to SD. if u have stuff installed in SD previously, MOVE them to internal mem & LINK them to SD

*always LINK with LIBs & all the 3 options preferably
*DONT LINK link2SD & Play Store update :P
*u can LINK absolutely anything even if its system update & always LINK with libs & all the options it shows
*before LINKing system updates, FORCE CLOSE tat app
*those who DONT format, might get ForceClose after linking system updates. in tat case, uninstall the update & reinstall & let link2sd do its job auto
*even tho u LINK apps from internal mem, system wont show the space freed unless u REBOOT
*system will never count the extended mem, use the link2sd app to see system stat


Pls dont ask questions which r impossible/lame to answer. like:
1. will it work on my such & such device
2. will it work on my such & such 3rd party ROM
3. how much should i allot
4. can i use some other file system for 1st/2nd partition

Link2sd app>> Register

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