Sprint Echo – Dual-Screen Simul-tasking Phone

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Old 10-Feb-2011
Sprint Echo – Dual-Screen Simul-tasking Phone

Kyocera-made Sprint Echo is the first dual-screen cellphone in the U.S., unveiled last night in New York, running Android 2.2 and powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.
Two Screens – Unlimited Possibilities

Each of the Echo’s two screens is an iPhone-sized 3.5-inch; combined, they create a square 4.7-inch diagonal display with an eight-inch seam down or across the middle, depending how you hold it.

The two screens are layered atop each other like a day bed. Closed, Echo looks like a standard full screen smartphone, only around twice as thick.
The philosophy behind Echo is what Sprint calls “simul-tasking” – each screen can run a separate specially-configured app or a single app split across both screens.
But the two-screen idea is really meant for running two apps at once, like Twittering on one half of the screen while Web surfing on the other.
You also can swap the screens on which the apps are displayed.
The top half can be tilted at about a 30-35-degree angle when tapping on a full-size three-line touch QWERTY keyboard on the bottom screen when inputting text.
Power & Battery

Sprint addresses Echo’s power-sapping potential with a supplementary three-way battery charger that will be included.
This charger will charge a spare battery, it will charge both the spare and your phone simultaneously (naturally) and allow you to swap batteries without having to turn off the phone, and operate as an auxiliary power source when you’re away from an AC jack and the main battery begins to fade.
It’ll go on sale this spring for $200 with the usual

Old 10-Feb-2011
Re: Sprint Echo – Dual-Screen Simul-tasking Phone

split screen..eni kaim nahi lagg rahi

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