Manage your iPhone/iPod without iTunes

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Old 13-Oct-2010
Manage your iPhone/iPod without iTunes

Sync music, podcasts, audio books, videos, etc to you iOS device from any PC without loosing you existing data.

Syncing with Copy Trans-Manager:

As much as we all love our iPhones and iPods, the one thing we dread the most is being tied down to a single PC for syncing and transferring music and videos. There are times when you wish to update your iPod or iPhone with new music from a friends PC, but you can't, since if you do that, you're device will be wiped clean of its existing content. You'll face the same issue the next time you hook it up to your PC at home, which is very frustrating to say the least. If you're someone who faces a problem like this then read on to find out how you can avoid this.

The software is called CopyTransManager (we'll call it simply CTM for this article), a freeware that works on any Windows XP installation and higher. The software supports all versions of the iPod and iPhone running the latest iOS software, including the iPad. Some of the highlights of this software include the ability to sync music, podcasts, audio books, videos, TV shows - pretty much anything other than apps from any PC without loosing your existing library.

The beauty of CTM is that it has a small size and can even work as a portable program, so you can run it directly from your pen drive. If you have the older iPod Classic or Video, then you can keep the portable version on the iPod itself, so it is with you wherever you go.

So let's get started. To use this, you'll need your iPod, iPhone or iPad and the data cable.

Step 1: I know this may sound a bit ironic but you'll need iTunes installed so that CTM can find the drivers for your apple device. Also, you'll still need it for syncing apps. In case your iTunes is not up-to-date and you don't feel like downloading another 90MB just for drivers, then CTM has its own driver installer, which you can download here.

Step 2: Download CopyTransManager from here. Once you save it to the desktop, run the software. It'll take some time to start, so be patient. You'll then be greeted to CopyTrans Control Center. From this list, select CTM (Free).

Step 3: The CTM window will pop up with lots of blank windows. Simply connect your iOS device and you're all set. If all your drivers are installed, CTM will immediately recognize your device and display its content if there is any.

CTM is very easy to use even for a novice, everything is clearly outlined and the buttons have tool tips to tell you what they do. On the left you have your different categories like Music, Podcasts, etc. If you don't have a video file in the iPod then it won't show up as a category. Just below the categories are the default playlists; you can even add your own playlists here.

If you want you can even playback songs from the iPod/iPhone directly through the built-in player. You can copy songs directly by dragging and dropping them into the window. One thing to note is that you'll have to manually put the songs in the playlists, so if you're adding new songs, make sure you add them in "Recently Added" playlist, or else it won't reflect there. Once you've made all the necessary changes just hit the "Update" button and the music and other media will be transferred to the iOS device. It's extremely simple and straightforward. If you need more help you can always check their support page here.

Installing Applications:

What if I want to copy music from my iOS device to my PC?

CTM will not allow you to copy music and other stuff from the iOS device to your PC. In this case, you can download SharePod, which is also a similar application that lets you sync files, but CTM has a better interface. However, SharePod will allow you to copy files to the PC as well.

How do I sync apps?

In case you need to sync apps you have two choices. You'll have to use iTunes or download the apps directly from the App Store via Wi-Fi or EDGE. When installing apps make sure you check the option to "Manually manage music and videos" and only check the tab to manage apps while leaving everything else unchecked. So iTunes will only transfer the apps and not the music and videos.

Install apps without a data cable and Wi-Fi router

You can still install apps without a data cable and a Wi-Fi router as long as you have a laptop and a wired internet connection. This should work with most versions of Windows. Below is a small tutorial for Windows 7.

Step 1: Plug in the Ethernet cable to your laptop and make sure you have an active internet connection by browsing any website. Next, turn your Wi-Fi on.

Step 2: On the left, click 'Change Adapter Settings'>>Right click on your wired connection and select properties>>Go to the Sharing tab>> Check the first box. If you get a drop down box, select the wireless network connection you'll be using. Hit Ok and go back.

Step 3: Next, click on 'Change Advanced Sharing Settings' and make sure Network Discovery is turned 'On'. Go back again.

Step 4: It's now time to create your own ad hoc connection. Click the first option 'Setup a new connection' in the middle of the window. Scroll to the last option, 'Set up a wireless ad hoc network', hit next and next again. Enter a network name and a password and remember to check the box 'Save this network' before hitting next. Click close.

Step 5: Finally, turn on the Wi-Fi on your iOS device and the new connection you created should show up. Connect to it with the password you just created and that's it. You are now connected to the Internet. Simply head over to the app store now and download your favorite apps.

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