Hostile Tides v1.0 - [iphone & ipod]

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Old 15-Feb-2010
Thumbs up Hostile Tides v1.0 - [iphone & ipod]

Hostile Tides v1.0 - Cracked for iphone & ipod | 11.9 MB
Hostile Tides is an arcade style game in which you build your fortifications and then defend them by blasting the enemy out of the water and, eventually, also out of the air. It is inspired by the classic arcade and computer game Rampart, published by Atari Games in 1990.


The game cycles between building and upgrading your coastal fortifications, and then firing at and destroying the enemy ships as they bombard your defenses. Your goal is to completely surround and protect all towns on the map while fending off theenemy's naval, and later, aerial onslaught.
During the build phase, you can build new walls or upgrade existing walls so they can take more hits from enemy fire. You can also build new cannons or upgrade existing ones to take more hits, fire faster, or do more damage. During the combat phase, touch the screen in front of theships to fire at them. You will need to lead them more the further they are from your cannons.
There are three levels of difficulty. These combine with the six current maps to make eighteen unique combinations. Only the elite players can hold off theenemy on the Hard difficulty setting.

- Upgrade your cannons as soon as you can
- Try to keep the walls next to your cannons upgraded
- The ships increase their accuracy every time they shoot, so destroy them quickly
- Wait to fire at the aerial units until they get close to your cannons

Features v1.0
- Beautiful detailed graphics
- Original theme music
- 6 levels and 3 difficulty settings resulting in 18 unique combinations
- 5 distinct enemy ships and 1 flying unit
- Mid-game pause and auto save in case of interruption
- Video tutorial
- Game statistics
- Flaming cannonballs!


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